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Before applying to become a member of the Evolutionary Business Council (EBC) or the The Evolutionary Business Institute (EBI), please choose one of our membership envoys to interview with. Click their "Schedule" or "Email" button to book a convenient time to chat about your interest in joining.

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Inez Bracy Inez Bracy Masterful Coach, Inspiring Speaker, Engaging Trainer, Author & Teacher   Schedule
Jill Fischer Jill Fischer International Speaker & Hypnotherapist   Schedule
Kathy Knowles Kathy Knowles President / CEO Intuitive Strategies   Schedule
Wendy Darling Wendy Darling Corporate Influencer, Transformational Results Expert   Schedule
Christine Powers Christine Powers Soprano / Activator / Teacher / Speaker   Schedule
James Woeber James Woeber International Trainer / Best-Selling Author / Speaker   Schedule
Lisa Marie Platske Lisa Marie Platske President / CEO of Upside Thinking, Inc.   Schedule
Robert Clancy Robert Clancy #1 International Bestselling Author / Host of The Mindset Reset Show   Schedule
Tamara Green Tamara Green International Bestselling Author / Speaker / Trainer   Schedule
Judy Hoberman Judy Hoberman President Selling In A Skirt
Gary Stuart Gary Stuart Transgenerational Constellation Facilitator / Author   Schedule